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Hey! I'm Ashley, a Mom of two and a kindergarten teacher.


I know you, like me, are SUPER busy, and you don't have time to sort through 1000's of Pinterest pins to find learning activities for your kiddos that you know they'll actually do.


We know our kids are getting enough screen time and to be honest, they don't really want to sit and do worksheets.


They learn best by DOING and PLAYING!

That's why I want to share this week of SIMPLE & FUN learning activities with you, completely FREE.


I am kind of hesitating giving it away because it's just that good, and it'll transform learning in your home!

The activities you'll be getting are:

  • Super imaginative and fabulously fun

  • Prepped in under 2 minutes

  • No mess (yes, really!)

  • Simple to do

  • Hands on and play based

  • Expertly crafted by me (Master of Ed)

  • Child tested and approved by over 100 kids!

These activities are part of THE FUN CLUB, where I send you 5 learning activities to you each week, so you never have to stress over what to teach your kid. 


Let me know which one was your child's favorite!