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Imagine the relief of knowing how to teach your Pre-K or Kindergartner - THE FUN WAY.

Connect, play, & learn skills for a lifetime in 20 minutes a day. 


Are you a parent who...

  • Is overwhelmed trying to think of screen-free activities?

  • Doesn’t even know what to look for in an early learning curriculum?

  • Wishes they knew the secrets that teachers use to teach kids?

  • Wants their child to be excited about learning?

Are you ready to...

  • always have a simple, fun, hands-on activity to combat boredom? 

  • feel confident that your child is learning all the skills they need to excel while also developing their love of learning?

  • create lasting memories in only 20 minutes a day?

  • Drop the Mom or Dad guilt and feel like a rock star parent?


Welcome to The Fun Club!

Each week I'll deliver expertly crafted, educational, and super fun activities to your email so you can teach your child at home with EASE.


Are you tired of activities that only get an eye roll? Or maybe they are excited at first but then abandons it in minute two? 

With the proven activities in The Fun Club, you can finally stop wasting time on projects that just don’t connect. 


With the included assessments you’ll be able to see quantitative PROOF at how much your child has progressed from your learning time together. 

Ensure your child will LOVE learning with hands-on learning activities and games. 



The Fun Club ensures your child has all the

tools to be ready for and excel in school. You'll receive a weekly set of activities that focus on

literacy, math, and social emotional skills. 

Here's what you get:

  • Five 20 minute learning activities a week

  • Fabulously fun, child approved games 

  • Less than 5 min prep per activity

  • No mess, simple to do

  • Teacher crafted for 4-5 year olds

  • Options for different academic levels

  • Assessments along the way to show proof of learning

  • Community of like-minded parents

  • Support from a Kindergarten teacher


The Proof:

Rachel's son learned all his letters and sounds in the first two months.

 "After just a couple months of The Fun Club, he now knows all his letters and sounds and he is about to start his Pre-K year. He is progressing at such a quick rate. Truly it's been transformative...During a time when there is so much potential to feel that guilt, I now get to feel very confident that he is prepared for school."


Gladys's daughter is starting to read and doing arithmetic.

 "Now I have a 4 year old applying what she's learned from these activities on her own throughout the day (like adding/subtracting and beginning to read)! I'm blown away."

Nami is shocked at how much her daughter is learning and feels like they're connecting on a new level. (Oh yeah, her 4 year old began reading too!)

"I finally have a way to connect with my daughter on a daily basis that is stress-free, fun, and enriching. This working mom is so grateful to have this program in her life! I no longer feel like a failure of a parent during lockdown!"

Kristina's boys are hooked on these activities for all levels!

"The activities are perfect for my 4 year old and the “challenge” part of each activity makes it a bit more difficult for my 5 1/2 year old. From the first week, we were hooked."

Kelly's boys now love learning when she used to worry about their focus

 "The best part about it is that he thinks it's just playing. I'm thankful that this has made learning easy!"

Katie is relieved to have simple activities to keep her kids learning.

"The activities are different (and easier!) than the ones you've already seen on social media. Plus, the activities develop with your child over time."

Just let Gladys tell you...

"Being a part of The Fun Club has completely changed how I view 'teaching' and 'learning' for my two kids that are under 5. They've learned so much and from concepts I didn't even think they could grasp yet.

These are perfectly thought out activities that get us up, moving and enthusiastic about learning. Now I have a 4 year old applying what she's learned from these activities on her own throughout the day (like adding/subtracting and beginning to read)! I'm blown away.

My husband is working from home so he doesn't see a lot of the activities being done but he sees the aftermath like her doing math and he is always floored. He's amazed and told me she's made more learning progress with this at home than we saw during preschool."

-Gladys N.

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Feel that relief. You've found learning your kid will love. 

In just 20 minutes a day, you can give your child all the tools they need to succeed in school. Save all that time! 

Always have a simple activity, expertly crafted for your child's abilities.