Counting with Phone Numbers

My 4 year old often asks, "Do you have their number in your phone?" about parents' of friends she misses during this Covid-19 crisis. She really misses her friends, and the phone has been the only way to talk to most of them. As she has familiarized herself with the steps of making a phone call, she asked, "Hey, what's our phone number?" It proved a great opportunity to teach her my phone number should she ever need to know it!


Dot stickers

Butcher paper or 3 pieces of paper taped together


Play Counting with Phone Numbers:

Write your phone number in large numbers across the paper. They can be block numbers or just written regularly.

Sing your phone number together. Just like that car commercial or that catchy tune you heard on the radio, songs are great memorization tools!

Dot your phone number. Have your child put the corresponding number of stickers on each number. The number 3 should have 3 stickers, 8 should have 8, etc.

Display your phone number art for greater exposure.


If you have dot stickers that come on a page that has a white backing that outlines the dots, peel off the white backing to make it easier for kids to remove the stickers from the page on their own. This is all great fine motor skill building too!

What are we working on when we count with our phone number?

Counting with accuracy is known as 1-to-1 correspondence in the teaching world. Often kids learn how to say numbers in sequence before they count out actual things. Because they're memorized how to say the numbers in order, they'll often count more objects than they actually have.

For beginner counters, exercises where they have to actually move the objects they're counting will slow down their oral counting to match the number of objects. I always tell my students, "Touch 1 count 1!" By moving the objects, kids better keep track of what they've already counted. As they get more confident in counting, they might only touch the object, then point at it, and then ideally for smaller numbers, they'll be able to visually know how many they have quickly in a skill called subitizing.

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