Sticky Wall Shape Sort

I love our sticky wall. It's up almost year round, and I switch up the activities on a weekly basis. One of my favorite things about the sticky wall is that it's at eye level and can be made large enough for each child to have her own section. Both kids can work together or separately in this sticky wall sort. For sorting sticky wall activities, I place different colored construction paper behind the wall to create sections for the sorted objects.

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Sticky Wall Shape Sort activity:

  1. Cut up construction paper into small shapes to be sorted on the wall.

  2. Label the areas for each shape with a picture of that shape. We used an index card.

  3. Invite your child to play by introducing the shapes.

  4. Together match one of each shape to the correct section on the sticky wall.

  5. Have your child sort the rest of the shapes.

Guided Questions- How to get the most out of your Sticky Wall Shape Sort:

Kids are like sponges and when they're engrossed in a fun task, like the sticky wall shape sort, they can pick up a lot more information through guided questioning techniques. Here are some questions to use during the shape sort to help your child think about shapes in different ways.

  • How many sides does that shape have?

  • How do you know that is a triangle?

  • What happens if you turn that shape on its side? Upside down?

  • Can you name an object that is that shape?

  • How is the square similar to the rectangle? How is it different?

  • What are some other shapes that you know?

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