Math and More with Tape Shapes

We are on a trip to visit my in laws and the kids are pretty much driving me nuts saying they're bored! This is their first time here and we didn't pack any toys, and the house is not all that kid friendly, though the adults certainly are the warmest, most kid friendly ever. To keep the kids busy and learning I saw some blue tape and we created these tape shapes, picking a few shapes that they knew and other "target shapes" - trapezoid and pentagon.

I quickly taped up the floor and watched the ideas flow from their minds. Being bored can certainly bring out creativity and I was so happy to see them go from begging for screen time to thinking creatively and getting active.

Decorate your tape shape:

Creativity with Tape Shapes

Earlier in the day, we had gone to a beautiful beach on the California coast and collected a bunch of colorful rocks. With rocks as their newest obsession, the girls started organizing the small stones around the tape. This could be done with any kind of item: cars, pom poms, figures. Lining up toys is a wonderful quiet time activity, and kids love looking at their collections in new ways.

Guiding questions to ask while decorating tape shapes:

  • What shape are you decorating?

  • How many sides does that shape have?

  • How many corners does that shape have?

  • How do you know that shape is a ______?

  • How do you know the square is not a rectangle?

  • How is this shape the same or different from another one?

  • How many items did you fit around the triangle? square?

Run to a Shape Game:

Never miss an opportunity to turn learning into a gross motor game! For my kids, learning is most fun when they're not sitting down. In this shapes game, I called out a feature or descriptor of the tape shape, and Big Sis had to run to it. With Lil Sis, she's just being exposed to shapes, I called out names of shapes. I also included some "follow direction" call outs for how to stand in their shapes.

Run to a shape game

Here are some ideas of call outs for "Run to a shape" Game:

  • Run to a shape that has 4 sides

  • Run to a shape that has 5 corners

  • Run to a shape that you can fit both your feet in

  • Run to your favorite shape

  • Run to a pentagon

  • Run to a shape and put one foot in and one foot out.

  • Run to a new shape and put your hands on its sides.

  • Run to the triangle and do a jumping jack.

Follow the leader with Tape Shapes:

For a more independent game, the girls played a hopscotch adjacent game where they would run and jump through all the tape. They took turns leading who would be the leader and also tried out different kinds of movements. You could fly to each shape, run, jump, hop on one foot, gallop, swim, etc.

Hopscotch with Tape Shapes

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