Parents! Want to add more learning to your day when you don't have extra time?

What if you could skyrocket your child's reading skills, just by reading aloud to them?
Know just how to teach and engage your child
as you snuggle up for a good book.
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Are you a parent who...

  • is invested in their child's reading skills?

  • wants to make the most of your precious time together?

  • wishes they knew how to build reading comprehension without making their child do "work"?

  • wants their child to be excited about reading?

Are you ready to...

  • have the RIGHT questions to ask during read aloud time?

  • feel thrilled that teaching reading comprehension is so EASY?

  • build reading skills without any extra time for activities or worksheets?

  • drop the Mom or Dad worries and give your child an edge with reading?

What's Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension is understanding what you're reading -making meaning of text.

This includes when kids are reading and when YOU are reading to them. 

From toddlerhood until when children become independent readers, the best way to build reading comprehension skills is through reading aloud to your child. Even independent readers benefit hugely from being read to!

Reading comprehension is equally important to phonics when it comes to learning to read! 

Make reading comprehension EASY with 

Read Aloud Remastered

Created by Ashley KZ- Teacher, Mama, and Master of Ed (UCLA 2010)


Build those essential reading comprehension skills for kids 3-7 by learning just what questions and strategies to pull into your read aloud time (focus on different things at different ages) 

You'll get:


Read Aloud Remastered Checklist - comprehensive list of questions and topics to discuss, use as assessment or as a tracker of what you've already worked on! Sorted by category and complexity.

Read Aloud Remastered Cheat Sheet- perfect for placing by your bookshelf and using for a quick glance to remember the 5 categories of reading comprehension!

The Read Aloud Mini Master Class-  Learn everything you need to know about story time and how to pack it with learning organically.-prerecorded for your convenience-

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Read Aloud by me, Ms. Ashley- Listen to The Koala Who Could where I model all the questions and strategies for you and your child!

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Make reading comprehension fun, natural, and easy. 

Your child won't even know they're learning as they sit beside you, cozy and snuggly to hear a story.

Take the guesswork out of reading success.

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