Your Teacher's Toolbox:

A Parent Workshop 

Freaking out about the fall? You're not alone. After lots of requests, I've created this workshop to help you jump into fall with confidence.


Fall learning may look really different than you’d planned, and you want to keep everyone on a good learning path. But how do you do that? What do YOU need to do to become a “teacher”?


Introducing the Teachers Toolbox! It's all the strategies and structures teachers know that help them successfully teach your children.

As a former elementary teacher, I have put together 5 key topics that can be implemented by any parent who wants to make sure they’re ready for the school year:

    ▪    The right kind of praise – building your kids’ confidence

    ▪    Setting expectations for learning success

    ▪    Creating a schedule that actually works

    ▪    Setting up a learning space – do’s and don’ts

    ▪    The Meltdown: What it means and how to prevent it


Open your Toolbox.png

In a pop-up private Facebook group, I’ll be answering questions and supporting you as you implement each of these 5 structures and strategies.


Each week a new video module is released on the week’s topic. Watch it ANYTIME and it’ll only take between 10-15 min, because I know you are busy! 


Print out goodies to help implement these effective strategies and structures in a snap! 

Make home learning successful and a lot less stressful.


This Parent Workshop is designed to get you ready to rock the 2020-2021 school year


Gain the confidence to successfully teach like a… teacher!